All Natural Car Cleaner

All Natural Car Cleaner

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Original Wash and Wax. Any car, anywhere, any time.

  • 1 x Bottle of All Natural Car Cleaner
    The Original All Natural Car Cleaner cleans, shines and protects vehicle paint, plastic, vinyl and wheels.
    1 Bottle will give you 4-5 full washes on an average sedan.
    It is non-toxic and 100% Biodegradable. Doesn't leave any oily residue. Safe for your paint, glass, wheels and most importantly your family.
  • 2 x Gray Pro Cloths
    High-detail microfiber towels that stand up to EcoWaterless' rigorous testing and standards.

Simply spray the solution onto dirty areas of the car. Our solution will seep into dirt particles and liquify it. The wax and mineral oils form a protective barrier between car and dirt, allowing you to wipe the dirt off without damaging the car. Our innovative solution wax also leaves a natural shine that protects the paint for up to two weeks. Can be used on exterior surfaces like Alloys and Paint. It also cleans interior surfaces like Vinyl and Leather. 

Each car wash through us saves 125-450 liters of clean drinking water. Our solution provides a better clean, protects the car paintwork and is more green than the traditional way.

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