MotorTrend Feature

Excited to have our All Natural Car Cleaner featured in MotorTrends Article: "9 Cool Future-Tech Ideas". 
This what they had to say: 

"We’ve seen waterless car wash products before, but this one, hailing from a Vancouver mobility management and fleet services company has both earth-friendliness and paint-finish-friendliness going for it. Not only does it save the multiple gallons of water typically expended on washing a car, but the nano-technological basis for the Ecowaterless car wash product is plant-based. Spray it on and the product infuses into the dirt layers, emulsifying and encapsulating them. Then, when it is wiped away with the special microfiber cloths provided, the natural mineral oil left behind shines and wax-protects the paint. Ecoservice has been keeping Vancouver’s Zipcar fleet shiny using this product for some time, and the company has been entrusted with all of Tesla Vancouver’s pre-delivery new-car detailing duties. Retail availability is expected by mid-November." 
See the full Article Here.