While winter was just about to hit Vancouver; we had a great opportunity to escape the cold and check out the heat at the LA Auto Show. 

We brought a few kits along with us to showcase it to the different Auto Brands at the show and of course let them try the product on the cars themselves!

The car above is the One of a Kind, BAC Mono. The one in the photo above is owned by famous Producer/DJ DeadMau5 that was being featured at the show. We were lucky enough to meet one of the engineers of the BAC Mono, who fell in love with our waterless kit. He was actually having difficulty finding something to clean the car with at the show where he wouldn't have to wear gloves since he was constantly greeting people. Once he saw how well the solution worked and it was all natural, he asked for a kit himself! 

Check out some of the other great cars: 

Of course it wasn't all fun - we came to work! We had a few meetings lined up with companies that were interested in our kits.

In the above photo you can see we were showing how well our product does against the competition. This company was using a competitors product and was not getting the results they wanted. [Right Photo] Ecowaterless solution on the left and the competitors on the right. The difference was noticeable! We used less solution and saw a better result compared to the competitors.

The Auto Show was our first big event where we were able to show interested auto brands and companies how well our solution works compared to whats out in the market currently. We met great contacts and some potential business partners! Overall: LA Auto Show was a great success. With California having water restrictions and drought issues - it is a great place for us to see how the market would act towards our Waterless Kit.